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Have you ever wondered how retail chains throughout Europe always find the hottest brand name products at the best prices? The answer is often: Dangaard.

For the past 35 years, we have delivered countless consignments and brand name products to many large customers throughout Europe. With the launch of our new webshop, we are offering you, a unique opportunity to use our market knowledge and purchasing volume to your advantage. We make bulk purchases, so you as a customer get the right best conditions. In short; the right products, at the best prices.

B2B business with Dangaard

We have put an end to complex contracts and price structures, which are common when purchasing brands B2B. Dangaard presents you with a product, a quantity and a price. This makes it simple and straightforward to shop at our webshop, which is groundbreaking in an industry characterized by creative initiatives and complicated discount structures.

What categories does Dangaard Group have?

In the past, Dangaard was a well-known player in the electronics- and mobile phone market. Today, we have evolved into a market leader within living & design, cleaning, personal care, E-mobility, white goods, electrical appliances, tools, IT & multimedia, mobile phones, radio/tv, and private label. In other words, we have the products your customers want.

The virtual customer meeting

When we host customer meetings, we often invite customers on a tour of our warehouse. Most are surprised by the vast amount of interesting products we have to offer. The vision for our webshop is to make this experience virtual and easy accessible, so that you the customer can gain the maximum benefit from your partnership with Dangaard. If you cannot find a specific product online, you are always welcome to send us an inquiry by clicking here. Our purchasers always keep their finger on the pulse and know where to find your next consignment.


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